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TclHttpdcommand line arguments
ArchitectureMajor modules of TclHttpd
IntroductionProgramming and configuring TclHttpd
Tcllib Modules
These Standard Tcl Library modules are used by the TclHttpd Core modules, and are available to your application. Modules with a * are especially handy.
base64encoding module
cmdlinecommand line processor
counterstats (i.e., hit counters)
doctoolsformatting manual pages
fileutilfile utilities
html* generating HTML
md5MD5 hash function
md5cryptMD5 crypto function
ngci* CGI form value support
textutilText processing
uriURL/URI formatting
TclHttpd Core Modules
The TclHttpd Core modules implement the server, and you may need to use their interfaces when building your own applications on top of TclHttpd. Modules with a * are the most important and most likely to be used directly by your application.
cgiServer's CGI processor
config* Configuration support
cookie* Cookie handling
counterLayer over tcllib ::counter
direct* Application-direct URL
dirlistDirectory listing
doc_errorError handler
doc* File handler
httpd* HTTPD server core
logLogging module
logstdStandard log format
mtypeMIME types
session* Session support
stdinStandard input reader
substSimple templates
url* URL dispatcher core
versionVersion information
Tech Notes
htdigSearch engine configuration
embeddingNotes on embedding tclhttpd
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